Thursday, 7 June 2012

Shopping, shooting, interviewing, chatting with Bernard Brogan

Bernard Brogan - 28 , Dublin Footballer, Accountant, Messer and Sound fella. 

This week I went shopping with the Dublin GAA star. Such a tough job !!!!!! We hit the stores with a bang. The day went very well and B was very happy with the looks I pulled. So I decided to shoot Bernard for my blog out in The Wright Venue with Fashion photographer of the year Dermot Byrne .

And here's how we got on
Denim shirt is a must this season and matching it up with a trendy print-t and some wine coloured chinos makes for an overall cool look which could be worn day or night. This casual look is from River Island.

Bernard being a very laid back guy this everyday look is perfect for him. Navy zip hoody, strippy T and his own camel coloured chinos with navy canvas plimsolls. All for the amazing Zara.

I love this look - technical nylon jacket from Zara with print-t and chinos and the very on trend burgundy plimsolls from Topman.

Summer Flav - here we have an All Saints cream V t-shirt with blue chinos from River Island - Love mixing up the high-street brands. 

Some fun shoots from the day in the Wright Venue - had to jump in myself!!!

Time to get down to the serious stuff - interview!!!!

Up Close and Very Personal With Bernard Brogan AKA Berno
  • How would you describe your style? All over the place , I do like to take a risk every now and then , get chins wagging !!!!
  • What is your favourite high-street store? Was River Island but Zara are throwing out some great gear these days.
  • What is your favourite piece of clothing? All Saint t-shirt.
  • How many pairs of shoes or runners do you own? 5 shoes, maybe 8 runners.
  • Are you a shoe or boots kind of guy? Prefer plimsolls at the moment much more comfortable.
  • What celeb in your opinion has a great sense of style? Becks.
  • Who is the most stylish person you know? Obviously you Gill, those spikey shoes you have are serious.
  • Now the fun starts ;)
  • How many designers can you name? apart from the normal. boss, klein, ones not many, Freddy Labouton???!!!!, Jimmy Choo - I don't buy alot of designer clothes so I don't know the names !
  • Is Donatella Versace a woman or a man? a man only because it sounds like a trick question.
  • Speedo's or shorts? Never ever speedo's they are wrong.
  • Rubber ducky or warships? (we all know you're like Chandler Bing when it comes to having baths, soaking those muscels!!!!) ? I'm not a big bath guy but I do have a playful side!!!!!
  • Any thoughts on Paul Galvin? great footballer and isn't afraid to express himself, you have to respect that.
  • Would you be interested in modelling or DJ-ing like fellow teammate Fennell? I was thinking of  doing a few DJ-ing gigs for the craic but Eamo asked me not to get involved bit afraid of the competiton I think :) 
  • Best dancer on the Dubs team? Clucko serious mover.
  • What's your favourite chick flick? P.S I Love You, I was very close to tears.
  • What music would you listen to on a daily basis? Into dance, listen to a lot of Eamon Fennell's mixes actually.
  • Name the song, lyrics - durrrrrty dancing in the moonlight? Jessie J, Domino , trust you to pick those lyrics !
  • Daddy or Chips? I always struggled with this question, two equally important things in my life!
  • Geordie Shore or Jersey Shore? Geordie all day.
  • And finally who is your favourite Tallafornia housemate? Never got into it but on word of mouth has to be The Corminator.

               Just yesterday Bernard had the great honor of carrying the Olympic Torch on part of it's journey through Dublin. Congrats
Thanks so much for taking part in my shoot and interview B-man, your a lege!
Gill x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dana Arikane - Andrea Roche Agency

This was one of my favourite shoots to style - the location was amazing.
Team : Dermot Byrne , Photography
Me Gill Keogh, Styling
A.J Fitzsimons, Make-Up

Thursday, 19 April 2012

My Style

Here's a recent shoot I did for U Magazine , 10 looks of my own personal style

More on the way next week and coming soon "My Summer Style"

Monday, 2 April 2012

Bressie Time @ RTE's The Voice of Ireland

31 year old singer-songwriter, television personality, musical genius, stylish fecker, absolute ride (had to be said), hard worker and really sound guy = Bressie.
He is doing incredibly well with his solo career and touring all over the country regularly. Based in London now writing and producing but commuting back and forward to coach on The Voice of Ireland which is he loving. New Single 'BREAKING MY FALL' is available now on itunes. For tour dates and appearances check out and get following him on twitter @nbrez he's a great man for the jokes !!!!!!
Breaking my fall -

So last sunday I had the pleasure of chatting to the very trendy Bressie backstage at The Helix all things fashion. I'll set the scene, he was dressed in a sharp silver suit, fit to perfection, dapper - wowser !!! So here's my 5 minutes with Bressie -

What is your fav store to shop in? My favourite store is Galvin's in Mullingar, which a very good friend of mine runs and he stocks probably the best clothes in the country. .

How would you describe your style? I would describe my style as very casual usually, tonight I'm not obviously - I love wearing a suit but it has to fit right. There's nothing worse then a badly fitting suit to make you look like Tom Hanks in 'Big' !!!!!!! I like horrible colours too.

Your a big guy, do you find it hard to get clothes to fit right? Yes, the one thing I have to be careful about is my size and to find stuff that fits and fits properly. Highstreet sizes are a disgrace and most shoe companies don't stock a 12.

What is your favourite piece of clothing be? I'm a big fan of denim , good quality denim and some of the high end All Saints stuff is unbelievable i.e their leather jackets are proper amazing. As for the low end All Saints and other brands I like to call them deposable clothing you wash it once, it shrinks and your f**ked !!

I'm a big fan of spending money on clothes not huge money but I'm into fashion, I repect and understand why people are into it. I went out with a fashion designers for years and I understand how passionate she was for what she did and I know alot of people in fashion and it's the same with music for me it's a huge passion and its the same for them with fashion.

What celeb has a great sense of style in your opinion? Andre 3000 is completely out there and original, he knows how to dress. Gary Barlow has been dressing pretty slick lately.

Quote -  "It's all about choosing clothes to suit your shape" well said Bressie.

Thanks a mill for the chat,


Gill x

Me and the girls with Bressie in Cassidy's